Located on Westway Drive in Lido Shores, the original waterfront structure was designed by Sarasota architect, Don Chappell, in the mid 80’s as his personal home. In the 90’s, the ownership of the house passed on to new owners who hired a local architect to design an addition on the south side of the original structure.

Our clients, who purchased the home in 2005, quickly fell in love with the quality of light due to large windows and skylights and the panoramic waterfront views from virtually every space in the home. However, the outdated 80’s finishes and the lack of cohesiveness in the floor plan due to the disjunctive intersection of the original house and the later addition were in desperate need of updating.

The new entrance that was part of the 90’s addition did not allow direct access to the ‘public’ area of the house such as the living and dining rooms. One would have to enter the home and take a circuitous route through a narrow and hidden hall to then enter these spaces. The solution to these planning issues was to create a new direct access from the main entrance to the public spaces. The hall was repurposed to allow access to the guest bedroom, add additional storage, as well as serve as a glass display unit for the Owners vast collection of Murano glassware.

Although the current Owners requested the updating of all finishes, the original pastel colored cabinetry in the kitchen and its dynamic configuration designed by Don Chappell, known as a ‘trademark’ of the late architect, was partially kept and made a prominent feature in the renovated kitchen. Avid of the arts, the Owners took part in customizing the countertops in each of the renovated bathrooms by adding natural and artificial elements to the concrete pours that included nautilus shells, collected stones, glow in the dark gravel, and fiber-optic lighting. The scope of the renovation work also included new flooring, custom designed casework, paint, lighting, and audio-visual equipment.

Lido Shores - Sarasota, Florida

Completed, 2017

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