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Founded in 2016 by Principal, Joe Kelly, AIA, hive architects inc. specializes in residential architecture, interior design and private commercial projects. Together with his wife and partner Gwen Leroy-Kelly, AIA, the principals have over 26 years of experience developing a broad range of architectural projects.

To obtain a deeper meaning in the experience of each project, the work of Hive Architects focuses on concept driven design. Our philosophy and approach to modernism is based on an analysis of the regional and climatic aspects of the site, the client's programmatic and functional desires, and the crafted selection of materials and building systems. Through this investigation and the distillation of all project aspects, we strive to develop a concept, or organizing idea, that continues to influence and inspire our design process and decisions. With no preconceived notions of form, the resulting architecture embodies the character of its local environment, culture, and ultimately the human experience of its inhabitants.

From concept to completion, the work of Hive Architects is based upon a symbiotic interdisciplinary collaboration that includes our clients and consultants. The team’s continued interaction and communication of various perspectives results in a refined architectural solution.



Hive Architects is a full service Architectural and Interior Design firm offering professional design services for a diverse range of project types including:

  • New single family residences
  • New multi-family and condominium residences
  • Coastal construction and state permitting
  • New private commercial projects
  • Renovations and additions
  • Tenant improvement work
  • Urban infill mixed-use projects
  • Historic designation and rehabilitation

We approach each project differently depending on its contextual surroundings, internal site conditions, environmental and natural attributes, and our clients visions and expectations to provide innovative design solutions. On the larger scale, our design perspective extends through the site to be integrated into its surroundings. On the smaller scale, our commitment to design transcends from the edges of the property to the details of the interiors. The Hive Architects team offers architectural services from custom architectural design, interior design details, specifications and finishes selection, lighting design, to exterior hardscape and pool design. To ensure cohesiveness of the interior design, we can also be involved in the selection of furniture and/or custom crafted pieces.


The name ‘Hive’ originates from two basic concepts.

First, nature’s most efficient and stable building block is the hexagon. From the large scale of the Giant's Causeway basalt column formations on the coast of Ireland, to quartz crystals, to small but always unique snowflakes, or to microscopic molecules, the hexagon is always the main structural building block. The efficiency of the hexagon comes from its ability to interlock with other hexagons where there is no wasted space and space is optimized. That is why bees use the hexagonal honeycomb when developing their own structure: the hive. This concept represents our craft: Architecture.

The second concept is based on the ‘Hive Mind’ notion that refers to the desire of working together where each individual performs a specific role for the good of the group. The ‘Hive Mind’ also refers to the collective thoughts, ideas, and opinions of a group of people regarded as functioning together as a single mind. It is about communication, collaboration and coming to a consensus together. Similarly to bees, the collective mental activity is expressed in the complex, coordinated behavior of a colony regarded as comparable to a single mind controlling the behavior of an individual organism. This concept represents the way our firm functions as a team.

Those two concepts merged to create Hive Architects.